Line 6 Relay G10T Rechargeable Transmitter

$ 139.00



Cut the cord and take your Spider V wireless.

  • Designed to work with the Spider V 60, 120, and 240 amps, 50′ range.
  • Line 6 Digital Wireless Technology: proven on stages worldwide.
  • Pure Tone: sounds as good as a cable but is easier to use.
  • Electric, Acoustic, Bass: enjoy full frequency response.
  • Plug into the amp to set the channel and recharge the battery
  • Amazing Battery Life: up to 8 hrs continual use, 200 hrs in sleep mode
  • Auto-muting feature allows for switching guitars on the fly with no noise.
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With Spider V and the Relay® G10T wireless transmitter, it’s never been easier to take your performance wireless. G10T is compatible with the built-in wireless receiver in Spider V 60, 120, and 240—simply unplug the transmitter from the amp, then plug it into your guitar and start playing.* The G10T is rechargeable simply by plugging it into the amp’s input jack. You’ll get up to 8 hours of playing per charge, with up to 200 hours of standby time. For convenient USB recharging, add the optional Relay G10T USB Charging Cable. It connects to most powered USB ports, so you can charge your G10T nearly anywhere. The Relay G10T is also compatible with the Relay G10 Receiver, a complete guitar wireless system

*The Relay G10 transmitter is compatible with typical 1/4” output jacks used on most passive and active instruments. Guitars that have non-standard jack wiring may require a 1/4” mono adapter for use with Relay G10

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