Stagg 4/4 Electric Violin

$ 374.95

Stagg 4/4 Size Electric Violin Model EVN 4/4 MBK, solid maple.

This stylish, eye-catching electric violin opens up practical and creative opportunities! You can practice silently on this great quality instrument, easily connect it to an amp, add effects and record. Perfect for violin players wanting to experiment with their sound further as well as total beginners. This model has a high quality finish as well as components and really does look stylish. The onboard features allow you to adjust your sound with volume and tone control. Silent practice is possible with headphones – simply plug in and play. Also connect to an amp and let it rip!

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Body Type Solid Maple
Scale Length  325 mm (12.8″)
Total Length 590 mm (23.2″)
Fine Tuners Four
Electronics 3-Band EQ with volume, bass & treble
Output 1/4″ jack & 3.5mm (1/8″) headphone jack
Input 3.5mm (1/8″) mp3/audio input
Part # EVN 4/4 MBK
Case/Bow Included

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